Our Mission

CSO is organized and operated to walk families through the process of getting addicted-family members into treatment through financial and logistical assistance, and to foster community support, awareness, and education on addiction and addiction prevention. 

We were founded by four New London County residents in response to a lack of a support system in the community for families facing opioid/heroin addiction.

My son lost his struggle with the disease of addiction. I am a broken mom on a mission to help others with similar struggles.
— Lisa Cote Johns, Co-Founder of CSO

What We've Achieved

  • CSO has reached over 5000 students and parents in three CT counties through educational forums and assemblies
  • We have walked over 100 people through the steps of getting treatment
  • CSO has offered financial support to secure sober living for our clients
  • We have helped with copays for treatment facilities
  • CSO has led health classes in our schools to spread awareness to our young people
  • We hold monthly support group meetings open to the entire community
  • CSO has held three major fundraisers to help raise awareness about the disease of addiction and to end the stigma attached to this disease
  • We participate in community forums to educate about the risks we face when it comes to addiction